Making our homes sustainable is a simple task and not need to cause a lot of anxiety during or after construction. If a house is already constructed, there are many improvements that are needed to make it more sustainable. Some of them are immediate, but and are cheap while others take longer and are more costly. For new homes, there are so many ways it can be made sustainable. Most of these sustainability aspects are applicable when renovating or when constructing a new building.

  • Insulation of walls and the floor and having a ceiling board 

  • Install windows that are double-glazed.

  • Make use of the sun

  • Choose appliances that have more energy-efficiency

  • Selection of non-toxic building materials for constructing the house. 

  • The use of local materials

  • Minimizing resource wastage

  • Usage of renewable electricity sources

  • Building the house with comfort taking care of the future will make it more sustainable

  • Selection of a local or native plant life for landscaping and interior design is an essential element

  • Installation of solar panels and temperature regulating walls