Whether adding an addition to your home, or upgrading curb appeal, we guide our clients on material selections, energy efficiency and overall longevity. We build homes that ensure and promote better quality of life and involves efficient use of resources, with a minimal impact on the environment.


Our passion is MODERN. As a design firm we want to push the limits of this style and challenge our clients to do the same. With the use of clean lines, open space, unique material selection and a design that embodies your style, we will guide you through all aspects of the design process to ensure a final product that is unique to you.


Every home needs to be PRACTICAL. Our team of talented designers focus on making the most of your space to create floor plans that optimize space, flow and convenience without sacrifice. The result is both beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed.


Optimizing the potential of your LIVABLE space for long term enjoyment is at our core. Lot size, location, shape and countless other environmental elements are factored into this part of the design process. When combined with our client’s vision and Synergy's unique style, we achieve a modern home everyone can be proud of.

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